Monday, March 12, 2007

VALS survey

A team member of mine, Olivia, just posted her VALS results and I thought that I would post mine, too. We talked about VALS survey's being a great way for companies to get to know their employees. Well, here are my results and how I feel about them.
My primary type is Experiencer. According to this survey, I am motivated by self-expressions. I am young (check), enthusiastic (check), and impulsive (check). I quickly become excited and enthusiastic about new possibilities but I also am equally quick to cool down. I seek variety and excitement; savor the new, the offbeat and the risky. My energy tends to find an outlet in exercise, sports, outdoor recreation, and social activities. The survey also says that I spend a lot of my income on fashion, entertainment, and socializing.
I agree with the majority of this. I am fun, enthusiastic, and passionate. I do like buying things that reflect who I am and my fun, silly, and a little off-the-wall attitude towards life. For an example, I am honestly very much looking forward to the release of Apple’s iPhone. I watched the hour-long keynote explaining every aspect of the phone, check their website regularly, and am on e-mail lists of further information. This may seem silly to most, but I am absolutely fascinated by this phone and as a result, HAVE TO HAVE IT. Now, does a 21 year old really need a $500 phone? No. And my dad would agree. But, I am counting down the days until my current phone contract runs up so that I can switch cell phone carriers and get the iPhone.
I also agree, and disagree, with where my energy tends to find its’ outlet. I tend to love nothing more than the feeling of a successful, completed workout- but I hate going to the gym. I will go, kicking and screaming, but I will go. Even though I know how much I like completing a workout. And another issue I agree with, but also disagree with, is where the majority of my money goes. I do spend a lot of my money on fashion, but I really enjoy shopping at bargain, thrift, and secondhand shops to create funky, new outfits. I get that mini-rush of finding a good bargain, so I don’t like spending a lot of money.
The secondary type according to VALS is Innovator. I am described as successful, sophisticated, take-charge kind of person with high self-esteem. I am most receptive to new ideas and technologies. I am a very active consumer, and I tend to purchase upscale, niche products and services. Also, image is important to me, but not as evidence of status or power but as an expression of my taste, independence, and personality. Innovators tend to be among the established and emerging leaders in business and government, yet continuing to seek challenges. My life is characterized by variety.
Agreed! As I explained before, I love having the latest gadgets and equipment. I even sold my perfectly good iPod so that I could buy the newer version. I like to read about the new technologies that are coming out and purchase them, even if they aren’t necessary. I don’t really know why I like having new things so much, but I get a great deal of satisfaction from having new and better things than other people. I guess I inherited that trait from my parents.

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Tammi said...

I know for a fact that you inherited that trait from the paternal side of your family.